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Chunky Cables Wrist Warmers



I made these wrist warmers to go with this scarf: Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf by Misti International.

When writing down this pattern, I modeled it based on Rose's Wrist Warmers by Christina Slattery, both for brilliance and for English words.







Materials: 2 balls of Sparkjøp Gullgarn [50% superwash wool/50% acrylic, yarn weight: Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi)].
Set of 5 dpns, 6.5 mm (US size 10 1/2), one cable needle if needed.
2 stitch markers, 1 tapestry needle and some waste yarn.


The purple pair have 4 cables instead of 3, but the chart is easy to adapt. Simply throw in another K4 cable, P1, and reduce the K14 to K9.
This pair appears to be more narrow, but is in fact not when wearing them.

Cast on 30 loose stitches. Work 5 rows of *K1, P1* ribbing, knit in round. Begin chart, make sure to knit as tight as possible to get a snug fit.

Start thumb gusset when the work is at desired length. (I started after 8 repeats of the chart.)

Right hand: Work 1 knit stitch past the last purl stitch in the chart, place marker, K2, place marker. Finish round.
Left hand: Work until 3 stitches before chart begins and place marker, K2, place marker. Finish round.

Thumb gusset:
Row 1: Knit to first marker, slip marker, M1 by knitting into the stitch below, knit to stitch before second marker, M1, K1, slip second marker.
Row 2: Knit around.

Continue until you have 8 stitches between the markers (or more, if you're knitting for someone with large thumbs). On the next round, knit until stitch before first marker, and M1. Knit next stitch; remove marker. Slip first stitch onto right needle. Place 7 stitches on a piece of waste yarn. Place slipped stitch back onto left needle and knit 2 stitches together.

Continue knitting the chart until you reach desired length. If desired, end work with a K1,P1 ribbing.

Bind off (not too tight!) and weave in ends.

Thumb: Pick up the stitches from the waste yarn + 2 stitches to close the gap between the thumb and the palm. Knit thumb to desired length (I finished at 6 rounds). Bind off loosely and weave in ends.


Adorable bluey!

I don't understand any of the pattern stuff at all, it all looks like Greek to me!

But it turned out lovely.
Thank you! :D



I love the scarf pictured with your mitts. I am making them for my sister in law and thought the scarf would make a great addition. Do you happen to know the pattern name or is one you designed?

Re: Scarf

Hello, and thanks for knitting my mitts!

The scarf is not one of my designs. Are you on Ravelry? You can find the pattern in a .pdf file here:

Another option is The Palindrome Scarf, which is more similar to the mitts.

Best of luck!


Re: Scarf

I am on Ravelry and I found it. Thank you so much!