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tardis and snow

2008 Creations

Here's where I'll sum up all the things I knitted in 2008. No patterns in this post, but plenty of pictures. :)

In January, my iPod mini turned into a TARDIS:

Tardis ipod cozy details

In February I made three hats, two as gifts and the last one for myself.

The first one is a pattern adapted from one of my mum's sweaters:

Turquoise Toque

The second one is my own design, pattern can be found in this journal:

Purple Twist 1

The last one is also my own design, but I didn't write down the pattern:

Purple Circles

In March it was time for my youngest nephew's baptism present. I found the pattern on garnstudio.com.


In April, I made my first pair of Rose's Wrist Warmers, from a pattern I found on ravelry.com. I love this pattern to bits and have made five pairs so far, and I'm planning on making lots more in the future!


Still in April, I made this set for a friend's baby. It's the same pattern as the one for my nephew, just a smaller size:


In May I decided to knit a sweater for my oldest nephew (4 years), but not using any pattern at all, just making it up as I went. Obviously, this wasn't the great idea I first thought it to be and I had to frog it a couple of times before I got the measurements right. I finished this sweater in June, when there was a heat wave and a nightmare to work with wool. But the finished sweater (and its matching trousers, see further down) fits perfect now; it's much more fitted than what you find in kids' patterns, which was what I was going for. In short: Big success!

Navy Sweater 3

In between the bigger projects all through this year I've busied myself with more of Rose's wrist warmers:



Two black pairs, cos I had to have a pair myself. :)


I can't really remember when I finished this soul warmer, it got lost in all the other projects and it almost got lost forever when I moved house.
It's very warm and cozy and the pattern isn't as hard as it may look. I found it in an old magazine. Somehow I wasn't able to get a good picture of it.


In September/October I made four Adipose plushies, for my fellow Whovians. I made the pattern myself, but I can't share it.

Knitted Adipose 1

Also in September/October, I made this for a friend's little girl. It's in size 4 years, and I found the pattern on garnstudio.com.


The little hat was part of the pattern, though I did make some minor changes:


These trouses weren't completely finished until November, because I wanted to try them on the recipient before I weaved in all the ends. Again I had to frog it a couple of times to get the right size, but it was worth it. Yarn is same colour as the navy sweater above.


In November I also finished two sets of scarfs and wrist warmers; the scarf I found on Ravelry.com, the wrist warmers I designed myself (pattern can be found on this journal):



In December, I made this shawl and wrist warmers set for a friend. The shawl I found on Ravelry.com while the wrist warmers I just made up as I went:

Mohair Shawl 1

Mohair Mittens

And finally, I started on a new sweater for my nephew, but it's not finished yet so I don't have any pics.

PHEW! That's a lot of knitting, right there!


You make such purty, purty things!

I have to say, I love those wrist warmers so much. And they came in sooooo handy when I was in Ohio. I wore them pretty much the entire time because it wasn't too cold there. It was cold, but not cold like it is here where any exposed skin gets frostbitten within minutes. I wore them in the car on the way down. I wore them out with my coat. I wore them alone just with my sweaters. I even got compliments on them! Heee, you're awesome and I love my Rose wristwarmers so gorram much! :-*
Awww, thanks!

I'm glad you love them. :)